Marble, granite and natural stone floorings

Industria Marmi Ferrari manufactures and sells marble floors and, for more than 40 years, has been proudly serving all of Veneto, reaching areas like Rovigo, Vicenza and Verona along with active projects all over Italy and in the rest of the world. Our company produces standard models or third-party projects with lithic materials of our production, available in various finishes: from glossy to antique, from brushed to smoothed, from sandblasted to bumpy, and finally from scratched up to bush-hammered.

The price of a marble floor

Our floors are made seeking a modern style and always being able to adapt to our customer's needs. It is possible to use different types of marble, prices shall vary depending on the material and size of the selected format. We still encourage you to contact us, stock marble flooring is available in large supplies and we always look out to create new offers and opportunities.

Types available

Many models are available, from modern marble floors with glossy finishing up to classical models in antiqued marble, with sandblasted or flamed finishing. Rectified models, ready to be assembled on floating supports or legs are also available. Many materials to choose from and marble floors made of composite materials are also available, such as marble and granite floors, marble and wood, marble and stone, marble and glass, resin marble and brushed marble. Here are our most popular materials for marble floors:

  • Botticino Biancone (of which you can see some photos below)
  • Black
  • White Carrara marble
  • Travertine
  • Bicolor
  • Bushammered
  • Calacatta
  • Light marble
  • Trani
  • Egyptian
  • Yellow in its various hues, like Atlantis yellow, Istrian yellow, Egyptian yellow, royal yellow
  • Grey
  • Brown (deer)
  • Pearly Sicilian
  • Portugal pink
  • Perlino pink
  • Red marble: alicante red and Verona red
  • Guatemala green Wenge
  • Asiago white

Marble floors for indoor and outdoor use

Marble floors for indoor and outdoor use are made according to customer requirements. Indoor flooring can be glossy with a polished and brushed surface while outdoor flooring can be with a smoothed, brushed, flamed, sandblasted, rolled, bushammered and micro-bushammered surface. The price for flooring varies depending on the material, finish and format.

Where to put a marble floor?

Marble is an ideal material to be used in many environments, a material that combines charm, durability and comfort. Contact us if you need a consultant to help you choose between materials and ideal finishes for the marble floors of kitchens, bathrooms, as well as marble floors for hotels, churches and much more.

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