Sales network

Over the last few years we have improved the commercial network in order to make the search and delivery of our materials easier and easier, providing our customers an Online warehouse of all available materials and some external warehouses that are added to our headquarters based in Chiampo.
You can therefore contact the warehouse closest to your headquarters in order to have any information about our materials and our productions.


It is our main office.

Here, in addition to production, we have a warehouse with the largest storage of slabs and blocks of the entire range of materials we offer, in various thicknesses and finishes.

Via Arso,120 - Chiampo (VI)

Ferrari Roberto Sale – Purchase of blocks/slabs
Dalla Barba Matteo Sale of blocks/slabs
Elia Rolenti Purchase of blocks/Foreign department
Boschetto Mirko Projects and works
Ferrari Stefano Projects and works


New logistics point inaugurated in 2018, established to be present in the major industrial pole of stone, thanks to which we can distribute the entire range of our products both in Italy and abroad, as well as other natural and  Synthetics products. that we can easily find thanks to the various collaborations and our strategic position.

Via 1° Maggio 76/b - Volargne di Dolcè (VR)

Paolo Lovato Warehouse Manager


For over 10 years, in collaboration with our local agent, we have opened this logistics point, to ensure a timely and widespread distribution of the entire production in marble and natural stone slabs, for the areas of north-east Italy, as well as for the neighboring areas of central / eastern Europe. In addition, at the same warehouse you will find a wide range of other products that, together with our stones, can guarantee a complete range of products (from partner companies) aimed at the various processors and retailers in the area.

Via Brigata Osoppo, 184 33104 Fontanafredda (PN)

Franco Ernesto Niccolò Warehouse Manager


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