Marble, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates and semiprecious stones processing.

Industria Marmi e Ferrari is located in Chiampo (VI- Italy) and has dealt with many varieties of marble, like stone, onyxes and travertine processing since more than 50 years. During the last years it has also developed the agglomerates and semiprecious stones sector. Chiampo valley (VI- Italy) is specified in marble, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates and semiprecious stones processing since more than a century. In this context Industria Marmi e Ferrari has developed and, since the beginning, has had as primary goal the costumer's complete satisfaction, producing with the greatest care: marble floorings, staircases and claddings, marble bathroom and kitchen tops and marble fireplaces.

In order to satisfy all the requests about marble, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates, semiprecious stones and stone in general processing, Industria Marmi e Ferrari has also created a current internal technical office, with qualified professionals for measures survey, drawings developing, planning and rendering of any marble flooring, staircase or cladding.

Industra Marmi e Ferrari has always counted on the marble and stone (like onyx and travertine) processing variety, furthermore it has got a daily assorted warehouse pledging the constant availability of stone, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates, semiprecious stones, marble blocks and slabs, starting from 1 cm thick.