Marble, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates and semiprecious stones processing.

Industria Marmi Ferrari

Industria Marmi e Ferrari is located in Chiampo (VI- Italy) and has dealt with many varieties of marble, like stone, onyxes and travertine processing since more than 50 years. During the last years it has also developed the agglomerates and semiprecious stones sector. Chiampo valley (VI- Italy) is specified in marble, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates and semiprecious stones processing since more than a century. In this context Industria Marmi e Ferrari has developed and, since the beginning, has had as primary goal the costumer's complete satisfaction, producing with the greatest care: marble floorings, staircases and claddings, marble bathroom and kitchen tops and marble fireplaces.

In order to satisfy all the requests about marble, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates, semiprecious stones and stone in general processing, Industria Marmi e Ferrari has also created a current internal technical office, with qualified professionals for measures survey, drawings developing, planning and rendering of any marble flooring, staircase or cladding.

Industra Marmi e Ferrari has always counted on the marble and stone (like onyx and travertine) processing variety, furthermore it has got a daily assorted warehouse pledging the constant availability of stone, onyxes, travertine, agglomerates, semiprecious stones, marble blocks and slabs, starting from 1 cm thick.


The History of Industria Marmi Ferrari


The Cav. Ferrari Rodolfo farsighted entrepreneur in the tanning sector decides to diversify his activities and buys land to be used for the production and processing of marble (that land is still our headquarters today!)


The 20-year-old Paolo Ferrari begins to take his first steps and makes the newly created company operational, which already boasts an important structure, 4 sand looms for sawing slabs, 2 cutters for cutting floors and trimmed to size, some machinery for the finish and a dozen active people.


Franco Ferrari is also added to the company, who has finished his military service comes to support his brother PAOLO in running the company. It is also a turning point because the first diamond loom is installed, replacing the old sand looms and completely revolutionizing the methods of marble processing.


The company operates throughout the national sector transforming all the marbles of our Italian history in primis Chiampo marble, but also marbles such as perlato coreno, perlato sicilia, travertine, breccie, verde alpi, grigio carnico, asiago marble and many others. At the end of the 1970s we also began working with imported marbles, especially marbles that come from the Istrian area such as Istrian yellow and Vrsar stone.


Numerous marbles from other European states such as Greece and Spain as well as marbles from Africa and America are also being purchased and processed. During the 80s other frames and other machinery for the laboratory were assembled, keeping the company constantly updated and starting from the end of the 80s a transformation process also began, focusing above all on high quality products and collaboration with professionals for the development of important projects.


Here begins the turning point that will lead to the current structure. The property of a neighboring former tannery was purchased (destroyed by fire) and the current headquarters of the laboratory, technical office and showroom, completed in 1998, took shape on this property in 1994.


Our technical studio is born and our showroom is inaugurated.We also begin to carry out the first important works outside our borders such as some villas in Austria, in the Netherlands, in France as well as important projects in Italy.


The construction of the new warehouses begins which are now used as a warehouse for slabs and production (the new company under construction guards and overlooks the old one) starting from the 2000s we also began the constant search for new materials to offer to our customers, research that makes us landing and establishing collaborations with those countries that are still our major suppliers across the border (Yugoslavia, Croatia, Spain, Albania, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran and India) in recent years we have also expanded the circle of our customers by creating important projects in Paris, London, the French Riviera, Moscow, Berlin, Spain and Albania and important hotels in Italy and abroad.


The construction of the warehouses dedicated to plate storage is completed and our new office is also inaugurated.


Close new collaborations to strengthen and improve the slab and finished sales network with three new warehouses located in Friuli, Veneto and the Marche.

Company structure


Industria marmi e Ferrari srl has developed, in the last years, the finished product sector making available a complete service of assistance and support for its costumer in every decision phase.

You will be able to find an efficient commercial support that will suggest you an extended range of materials, directly from our warehouse, with the most suitable solutions for your project, a technical office composed by our long-standing experience surveyors that will be able to create customized solutions and finally a laboratory with latest generation machines that can develop every kind of project, even the most complex.

We have also developed a ten-year partnership for anything that concerns the installation and the treatments of our products.


We work together many professionals in the field like surveyors, architects, engineers and designers, developing together, and in complete harmony, many private houses, urban fabric, commercial structures and hotels projects, both in Italy and abroad. We see to the entire project, from the external facades claddings to the internal floors and claddings, until the creation of columns, balustrades, solid marble washbasins and artistic and decorative objects.

Our task is to develop and increase the collaborations with the professionals, making available our ten-year experience and our technical office.


We develop and achieve for engineers, architects, designers and surveyors, their private houses, urban fabric, commercial structures and hotels projects, like

  • marble floorings and stone floorings;
  • marble claddings and stone claddings;
  • marble bathrooms and stone bathrooms;
  • marble walls and stone walls;
  • marble claddings and stone claddings for firehouse;
  • marble claddings and stone claddings for modern firehouse;
  • marble tiles and stone tiles for bathroom;
  • external marble and stone claddings;
  • internal marble and stone claddings;
  • creation of marble and stone columns;
  • solid marble washbasins and artistic and decorative objects.

Our technicians will be able to develop and transform every kind of project, in PDF or DWG, with the latest drawing systems AUTOCAD and RINOCEROS.

Productive system

In our lab we have available the entire internal processing cycle with the support of latest generation machines like contouring machine, shaping automatic machines and numerical control in order to satisfy quickly even the most particular requests.

This demanding choice allow us, today, to manage any work or project independently, assuring a strict control over the entire processing cycle.

Laying and treatments

The ten-year experience of the installers that work with us will be able to guarantee you an accurate and high-technical rate laying service for any kind of work in Italy and abroad, combined with a treatment service thanks to the support of our partner FILA.

  • floorings and claddings based on project, even with big dimensions
  • normal staircases or solid marble shaped staircases
  • raised floorings
  • ventilated claddings

Planning and finished products

We develop and achieve for engineers, architects, designers and surveyors, their private houses, urban fabric, commercial structures and hotels projects

Our creations

INDUSTRIA MARMI FERRARI is the perfect partner for planning professionals, architects and engineers who search an expert and professional support for what concerns every phase of the project realization: from the planning to the consultation and the technical assistance about stone materials.

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