Staircases in marble granite and natural stone

For over 40 years Industria Ferrari marmi has been dealing with the production and sale of marble stairs for indoor and outdoor use. Located in Chiampo, near Vicenza, Industria Marmi Ferrari serves all of Veneto, reaching cities Rovigo, Vicenza, Verona but is also active in the rest of Italy and the world. The prices and cost of an indoor marble staircase varies depending on the material and size.

Marble Stairs for entrances, internal and external

Indoor marble stairs for entrances are made with a modern style and the possibility to use different types of marble but also with the aid of iron and wood. Renewing a marble staircase, giving it a modern look, is possible. Outdoor marble staircases can also be build with different types of marble. You can see some photos of our staircases below.

Types of marble staircases

In marble staircases you can distinguish various models of stairs, depending on the type of marble or the stair style. Some of the different and most popular types among our customers are (for example) marble stairs in botticino, harrier (of which you can see some photos below), black marble, white marble and white Carrara, Travertine, two-tone trani, Egyptian, yellow in its various hues like Atlantis yellow, Istria Yellow, Egyptian yellow, Royal Yellow, gray, brown (deer), black, Sicilian pearl, fine marble, Portugal pink, perlino pink, red marble, Alicante red and Verona red stairs, Guatemala green, wenge.

You can also include other materials in the realization of the staircase as wrought iron, marble and granite, marble and wood, marble and stone, marble and glass, marble or resin coated wood, steel and marble or produce marble steps encased in iron stairs (or other materials as well).Finally, it is possible to realize design marble stairs, suspended stairs, spiral stairs in Art Nouveau style, cantilever or classic scales, coil marble stairs, fan stairs, self-supporting stairs and marble stairs with bull coasts.


How much do these marble stairs cost?  Prices and costs vary depending on material and measures. In addition, the laying of the stairs is done by experts with specialized materials and suitable equipment.