Bathrooms: marble, granite and natural stone coverings

With more than 40 years of field experience, Industria Marmi Ferrari gained great renown in the creation and sale of bathrooms in marble and other natural stones. We also create project-based bathrooms, designed with all the materials at our disposal, each available in different finishes such as polished, antiqued, brushed, smoothed, sandblasted, rolled, scratched, and bush-hammered. We project full bathrooms, complete with every piece of furniture such as solid sinks, shower trays, decorative frames and inlays.

Here are some of the most demanded kinds of marble:

  • carrara marble
  • black marble
  • pink marble
  • onyx
  • white marble
  • gray Marble
  • calacatta marble
  • pink marble
  • portugal pink marble
  • blue marble
  • antiqued marble
  • white Carrara marble
  • botticino marble
  • black and White Marble
  • blue Marble
  • Guatemala green
  • orosei marble
  • yellow marble
  • red Verona marble
  • restored pink Portugal marble

Tops Marble Bathroom

Tops for marble bathrooms are available (besides all natural stones already available) in various shapes and sizes but especially in various qualities, depending on customer needs.

Shower trays, sinks and bathtubs in Marble

We also build showers, wash basins, sinks and marble basins, created in a modern, practical style, or directly according to our customer's design. Marble and natural stone are perfect and hygienically safe materials for the realization of bathroom furnishings.

Contact us for more information on prices and available materials, to realize your vision for your bathroom. Costs can vary depending on the format, chosen material and selected finish.